I’d love you to come to dinner with me! I hold special feasting events at hearth & Soul where I serve beautiful, seasonal deliciousness to celebrate the solstices, equinoxes, and other junctures of the seasons . 

You'll enjoy a a welcome drink and gorgeous live acoustic music on arrival, followed by a three course meal cooked by me and infused with love and reverence. I'll talk to you about my approach to food, and what’s on your plates, including the inspiration behind each dish, and I'll share some lovely stories about the ingredients I've used. And you’ll enjoy it all at our feasting table, which is overflowing with an abundance of seasonal flowers and other lovely delights that have taken my fancy. 

I cook with pasture raised animals and as much locally sourced and organic produce as I possibly can. I also accomodate all dietary requirements. There's lots of yummy pics of my recent feasts on Instagram (held to date in a secret warehouse location, and continuing at Hearth & Soul) so head on over if you want to check them out!

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